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Together 2021: Gina Preziosa

In 2021, Legacy Place is again recognizing inspirational people through its annual TogetHER event. This year it selected heroes nominated by individuals in the broader community.

TogetHER 2021 received dozens of inspiring nominations for educators, philanthropists, essential workers, businesswomen, community leaders, entrepreneurs, and activists. From these earnest nominations and compelling stories, the Legacy Place team chose five fascinating people for the recognition.

Legacy Place hopes that TogetHER the community will celebrate all the people who positively impact our individual lives and our region, including Gina Preziosa, Digital Marketing Director for LEK Consulting.

Most seniors get to enjoy their last year of high school but the death of Gina Preziosa’s parents (her dad passed away when she was a child and her mom lost her fight against breast cancer when Gina was in high school) meant she’d have to work twice as hard, graduate early, earn acceptance to college, and get settled into a dorm room or she’d be without a place to live. This combined with working while putting herself through school and navigating student loans and financial aid on her own was a lesson in hustle hard earned. It’s one Preziosa not only learned but found herself applying in myriad ways the rest of her life. Once she graduated from Emerson College, Preziosa knew she wanted to work in media, so she took an entry level job for which was over-qualified. This position gave her distinct insight into the ways in which various forms of media are developed, created, and completed. After several years she used that knowledge to move to an ad agency, where she bought and sold media rising quickly to the top of some of Boston’s most tawny agencies.

It was here that she found the challenge she didn’t see coming: trying to have it all. Married with two kids and a demanding career, Preziosa found the balance impossible to strike and a corporate culture unwilling to support or listen to the challenges women with children faced in the workplace. That’s when she realized the deck was stacked. Even with a supportive husband, a reasonable income, and healthy children there was no way to have it all. She found Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg inspiring and soon began her own circle of like-minded working women. Almost 200 members strong, the TeamPrez lends not just networking to its members but a strong and supportive peer group for women from all backgrounds.

Fun facts about Gina Preziosa

College major: Communications

Children: Marino, 20, and Gino, 14

Hobby: Running a sock drive for the New England Center for Homeless Veterans

Was nominated by: John, her husband of 25 years