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July 27

L.L. Bean – Introduction to Map and Compass Skills Course

10:00AM - 1:00PM

A great course for individuals new to navigating with a compass. Our map and compass course will introduce you to the techniques and tools for navigating your way through the wilderness.

You’ll start with a detailed look at the components of a USCGS Topographical map. Our experts will explain the importance of contour, how to read a map legend to locate landmarks, and how to access maps that are best for your outdoor activity.

During this course, students will also learn the components of a handheld compass, how to use and trust the compass, plus how to obtain a bearing from the map and convert it to magnetic from true and what declination is. Additionally, your instructor will also discuss declination (magnetic north vs. true north) and its importance in navigating with a map and compass.

This is a very hands-on skills-based course, so you should be prepared to participate in a good deal of field exercises.

All necessary navigation aids (map & compass) are provided.

* Tickets are $39 and required for participation, please visit L.L. Bean’s event website for all terms and conditions.