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Oct 12  |  J.P. Licks

ice cream is happiness and there is no job better than serving up scoops of smiles!

J.P.Licks is currently looking to add to our amazing Team!  We are hiring part-time and full-time Shift Supervisor positions. Earn $18-$30 per hour including tips!

Working Together

When you join J.P.Licks, you’re joining a team of diverse people each with their own personality who work diligently to not only serve a quality product but also to make their customers day while having fun along the way


Shift Supervisors are responsible for assisting the Store Manager in executing operations of the store, from ordering supplies to overseeing scoopers and much more. If you see yourself as a team leader this is a great opportunity to hone your skills and create opportunity for advancement to other management positions.

Some Job expectations/competencies

  • Communicate timely, accurately, clearly and concisely, to ensure effective store operations
  • Act with integrity, express your point of view, treat people fairly, build trust, respect others
  • Deliver outstanding customer service at all times and models a customer comes first attitude while supervising and developing employees to do the same. Engage in conversations with customers to understand customer needs and expectations and communicate them to them

Some Job Responsibilities

  • Utilize operations book to run an outstanding shift as well as do a proper shift turn over
  • Maintain consistent punctual attendance for self and others
  • Train staff and to standards and expectations, hold accountable for adhering to them and develop from within. Timely and effective review process with continual feedback

Quirky, fun, artsy, unique, comfortable, friendly, happy… these are words often used to describe the vibe we like to create in all our stores and headquarters. We take the art of ice cream making very seriously, but we need to have fun in order to ensure every gallon of ice cream is filled with smiles.

Please send your resume to “” or apply online:

*You must be at least 16 years of age to work at J.P. Licks.

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