Art Post at Legacy Place

Apr 23 / News

Take a card! Post a card! Share a card!
A postcard series featuring meaningful work from talented artists in partnership with charitable organizations and curated by Legacy Place.

The premier Art Post features the work of Dedham’s own Peter H. Reynolds, a New York Times best-selling author and illustrator of books such as Judy Moody, The Dot, Be You and soon to be released, Peace Train with Cat Stevens. Working together with his brother, Paul Reynolds, they sketched a postcard to express hope and community. The artwork includes a pop-out, perforated heart further illustrating Legacy Place’s shared goal to spread the love. Postcards can be retrieved at The Art Post, located in front of Kendra Scott and across from Banana Republic.

This Art Post was created in partnership with Legacy Place and the Dedham Covid-19 Relief Fund. Dedham COVID-19 Relief Fund helps individuals and families financially impacted by the coronavirus pandemic with a focus on the area’s most economically vulnerable neighbors. To donate, visit:

*donate-button-5* – Friends of the Ramsey County Libraries

All donations are collected by United Way and distributed by established Dedham and Dedham-serving nonprofit organizations. Funds may pay for rent and other housing needs, food, utilities, internet connectivity for families with school-aged children, childcare, medications, and other basic needs.